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It allows decision makers valuing employee stock options (ESO) and their expenses associated using the same software the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) uses to generate its FAS 123R examples and recommendations. ESO helps to combine thousands of assumptions and inputs to compute the fair value per option; for example: share options granted, employees granted options, expected forfeitures per year, share price at the grant date, exercise price, contractual terms (CT), interest rate, and expected volatility, and so forth.

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Employee Stock Option (ESO) expenses by millions of dollars using the same software FASB uses to generate its FAS 123 examples

Learn how a FAS 123 preferred customized binomial lattice is calculated and how it compares to the naïve Black-Scholes. The software creator is an advisor to FASB and a professor and consultant in financial analytics, and the software was used by FASB to create the valuation examples in FAS 123. See how considering employee suboptimal exercise behavior, forfeiture rates, blackout periods, vesting, marketability discounts, and changing inputs over time (volatility, dividend yield, risk-free rate, forfeiture rate, and suboptimal behavior exercise multiple) can more accurately reflect reality, reduce expenses, conform to FAS 123 requirements, and pass an audit. See how ESO Valuations are done correctly!

Real Options Valuation, Inc. has created several proprietary software through its partners, including the following software:

  • Employee Stock Options Valuation Toolkit
  • Super Lattice Solver for Real Options Valuation
  • Multiple Super Lattice Solver for Multiple Assets

In most cases, our services include providing these software solutions to our clients at the end of the consulting project, as well as providing customized software, models, and analytical codes that are very specific to the client’s situation. Click here for a sample case study on applying FAS 123 and click here to download the software data sheet. Please contact us directly to obtain a demo version of the software.

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