Through this platform, OSL Risk Management also offers to our clients the possibility of advertising their Human Resources requirements for different disciplines.

Logistics and SCM Analysts

Opportunities for risk management consultants in Logistics, SCM, and Transportations in the UK and Europe. Knowledge in quantitative risk modelling using Matlab, R, GAMS, Risk Simulator, LSRO, among others.

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Financial Risk Consultants

Great job opportunities for risk management professionals for consulting projects (banks and financial institutions) at different levels and subjects, Credit Risk, Market Risk, Operational Risk, Liquidity Risk, Entreprise Risk, ALM, Economic Capital, and Counterparty Risk. Technical and analytical knowledge in SAS, Matlab, MySQL, VBA, and preferably in stand-alone tools (CMOL, ROV ERM, and Risk Simulator)

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Real Options Consultants

Looking for new challenges, great opportunity for consultants and specialists in investments and project evaluations using real options analysis for the UK and Europe (Oil & Gas, Renewables, Solar energy, Wind energy, Biomass, and Geothermal and Ocean tidal power). High technical and analytical background in risk management and real options tools.

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