BizStats is an applied statistics toolkit that comprises over 170 business intelligence and business statistics methods for the day-to-day statistical analysis. It includes Charts (2D/3D Area/Bar/Line/Point, Box-Whisker, Pareto, Q-Q, Scatter), Distributional Fitting (Akaike, Chi-Square, Kolmogorov-Smirnov, Kuiper’s Statistic, among others), Generalized Linear Models (Logit, Probit, and Tobit), Data Diagnostics (Autocorrelation, ACF/PACF, Heteroscedasticity, Descriptive Statistics), Forecast Prediction (ARIMA, Fuzzy Logic, GARCH models), Econometric Analysis, J/S Curves, Neural Network, Time-Series, ANOVA, Multivariate Analysis, and so forth.

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ROV BIZSTATS is an applied statistics toolkit that is focused on user friendliness but is still powerful enough to solve most day-to-day statistical problems. As a standalone software, it will also work with the existing data in your spreadsheets, providing detailed reports complete with analytical results and in-depth explanations of the results.

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