Dynamic Project Management with Cost and Schedule Risk – Best Technical Presentation (IChemE)

Dynamic Project Management
OSL Risk Management

Alastair Robertson, Principal Director of OSL Consulting Engineers and a Fellow of the IChemE, and Dr Elvis Hernandez-Perdomo, Director of OSL Risk Management, delivered a technical presentation in “Dynamic Project Management with Cost and Schedule Risk” to Chemical Engineers. They explained how engineers in their project management roles developing new industrial processes, designing new process plants and equipment or modifying existing ones, are exposed to two significant sources of risk, cost and time, as any other project management approach.

This seminar/workshop supports and enhances chemical engineers to perform quantitative risk analysis and leverage their skills to analyse project management risks on cost and time, run and interpret Monte Carlo simulations, identify critical paths and activities, determine the probability of cost-schedule overruns and cost-schedule buffers.

During the Annual Group Dinner, around 150 attended the drinks reception and black tie dinner at the Britannia Royal Hotel Hull on Thursday 16 November.

The evening was an excellent opportunity for experts in the local Chemical Engineering industry to get together for networking, enjoy inspiring speeches, and of course celebrate the last year’s accomplishments. This included the bestowing of awards, one of which we’re delighted to say was won by OSL for Best Technical Presentation.

The guest speakers were IChemE Deputy CEO and Chief Operating Officer Justin Blades, and IChemE Past President Jonathan Seville, pictured with Elvis and Alastair during the receipt of our prestigious award.

The group, OSL Consulting Engineering, OSL Risk Management and OSL Iberia, would like to take a moment to thank the IChemE once again for the many benefits that the organisation offers to OSL and our staff. We have an extraordinary commitment to continue raising a risk management culture among engineers and their companies to create more opportunities in highly complex and uncertain environments.

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