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Dynamic Project Management with Cost and Schedule Risk
10:00 am - 11:00 am

8 Best Practices For Managing Projects with Cost and Schedule Risk (Considerations related to coronavirus disease 2019 – COVID19) This webinar will help project...

Risk Management for SMEs and Entrepreneurs
9:00 am - 10:00 am

This webinar offers a straightforward and practical approach to analyse risks in entrepreneurship activities and small companies and provides a general knowledge to identify...

What People Say

How people said about Risk Management.

Dr. Markus Junginger, Managing Partner

IBCOL Consulting

“This is one of those rare books/software written in anticipation of a major shift in the industry and economy. FAS 123 will throw a lot of public companies in a frantic, however the smart ones are identifying the opportunity to master the process and take over the driving seat. The methodology and the tools developed by Dr. Johnathan Mun are proven, pragmatic, and offer a great deal of value and benefit to those early adopters. IBCOL Consulting AG is using Dr. Mun’s algorithms and methodology because of their applicability, and accuracy, and the fair-market values that we have obtained for our clients are significantly less than traditional Black-Scholes models.”

Michael Sim, Partner

Moores Rowland International (Hong Kong)

“…the clarity and comprehensive coverage makes it one of the best guides for all practitioners… coupled with state-of-the-art financial tools CD-ROM.”

Tom Housel, Ph.D., Professor of Information Sciences

Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California & Author of “Measuring and Managing Knowledge.” (USA)

“Dr. Mun’s new book provides the best and most comprehensive pragmatic guide to valuing strategic decisions and options–both in the corporate setting as well as in evaluating strategic military decisions. This book is an instant classic and must be read by anyone who needs to perform real options, decision, and risk analysis. The second edition is more versatile by expanding the scope and coverage of practical hands-on real options cases while continuing the high standard of excellence in the first edition. Simply put, this is the most practical and theoretically sound book I have ever read on the subject of real options analysis.”

Dr. Hans Weber

Syngenta AG (Switzerland)

“This book is a pleasure to read both for subject matter experts as well as for novices. It holds a high risk of addicting the readers. Dr. Mun leads the readers through step-by-step complex mathematical concepts with unmatched ease and clarity. Well-chosen examples and pointers to pitfalls complement the splendidly written chapters. This book will be a bestseller in Risk Management and is a must-read for all professionals.”

Stephen Hoye, MBA, President

Hoye Consulting Group (USA)

“Mun has the uncanny ability to clarify the complex, distilling risk analysis concepts into a truly readable and practical guide for decision-makers. This book blazes a trail that connects abstract yet powerful theories with real-world applications and examples, leaving the reader enlightened and empowered.”

Dr. Paul W. Finnegan, MD, MBA, Vice President, Commercial Operations and Development

Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

“Dr. Mun breaks through the hyperbole and presents a clear step-by-step approach revealing to readers how quantitative methods and tools can truly make a difference. In short, he teaches you what’s relevant and a must know. I highly recommend this book, especially if you want to effectively incorporate the latest technologies into your decision making process for your real world business.“

Dr. Markus Götz Junginger, Managing Partner

IBCOL Consulting AG (Switzerland)

“Every year the market of managerial books is flooded again and again. This book is different. It puts a valuable tool into the hands of corporate managers, who are willing to stand up against uncertainties and risks and are determined to deliver value to shareholder and society even in rough times. It is a book for the new generation of managers, for whom Corporate America is waiting.”